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#procrastinating ♫

ALMOST DONE with the stinking room! EVERYTHING that is not action figures is off the ground. Once I was done putting all the stuff up I had to piece things back together as far as action figures that fell apart … Continue reading

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I Need To Stop Procrastinating ♫

YES! I finally got all the non-anime stuff out of the spare bedroom. It’s sitting in the hallway now covered up with a ton of blankets just in case my cats decided to be nosy. Now all that’s left is … Continue reading

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I Don’t Know What To Call This Blog ♫

I accomplished something yesterday. You know that guy who does YGO!: Abridged? LittleKuriobh? I managed to confuse him yesterday with tweets about something to do with a guy trolling, and I still don’t think he got me. Or he just … Continue reading

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Discoloration Went Away ♫

My foot is no longer bruised, and my toes have returned to a natural color! All that’s left now is for the soreness to go away, which might take a few more days. Oh but some good news: my dads … Continue reading

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Lots Of Things I Probably Didn’t Need And Pain ♫

Well, my Funko doll obsession is now up to 71 dolls! I would take a picture of them all, but I have a big mess to finish cleaning up; so I can get to the area to take a picture. … Continue reading

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