Retro Things And Lovely Books ♫

So something shocked me yesterday. My husband actually pre-ordered Call of Duty Black Ops 3. This is weird, because he doesn’t even play COD. Ever. We’ve been so hooked on Destiny, and me Dragonball Xenoverse it’s hard to find time for another game. Especially when the new DLC, House of Wolves, drops tomorrow. He even has the day off to play it haha. Unfortunately for me I do not. I don’t know when my week vacation is.I am going to see if I can get it for next week.

Anyways, Robbie and I got new bathroom stuff for the apartment. I got a shower curtain with a completely brown painted tree. There were blue birds with no eyes on it. They looked like stencil shaped art with paint on them. I’ll have to take a picture eventually. The floor mats are grey with giant white flower patterns on them. Really comfortable too! Also, it’s not the shaggy kind; so no dealing with that!

I went to Planet Fun this past weekend. Scored a Gameboy Color and Pokemon Blue and Red for the Gameboy. They didn’t have Yellow, but that’s ok! Robbie wants the NES, and so do I. It be cool to be able to play old school games once again! Really though, the store is amazing! I could live in it! An entire showcase was decorated with old TMNT toys, every video game console you can think of, even the Pokemon Gameboy Color edition! (or Gameboy, I don’t remember). and many, many, many, many other things.

Other than that I had a lot of fun, and I am very happy I can play some old school games! Working handhelds and games. As far as anything else goes, I just got done reading “The Haunting of Sunshine” by I-forgot-the-author. It was great! I also bought “The Ables” by Jeremy Scott (co-creator of CinemaSins on YT), and “I Hate my Selfie” by Shane Dawson. Can’t wait to read those and many more!

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Irritating People W/ A slice of Pizza and Good News ♫

I think my co-worker gets the point now of that I don’t want to talk to her outside of work related business. She also started asking me “Did so and so say we all take a lunch?” I made it as clear as possible that “So and so and I take a lunch at one.” She wasn’t here all day, and wasn’t here all day yesterday. It’s not even 1 PM, and she wants to go on a lunch break when she just arrived 30 minutes ago. I was irritated, and didn’t answer any of her other questions. Not even 30 minutes, and I already wanted to scream. Basically anything she asks me now I put it in a professional tone with a hint of irritability, so she gets the point NOT to ask me questions. Everything now she does right or wrong irritates me. I can’t stand being around her anymore ever since Tuesday with the whole “taking advantage of the people around you while boss is away”. I am not going to tolerate it, and nor am I going to put up with it.

In other news, my bosses husband had to get 4 bypasses yesterday, and he’s recovering well! Please keep him in your prayers, and now it’s time for pizza.

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Brain Won’t Cooperate, And I Need Some Ice Cream! ♫

I feel like my body doesn’t have any energy anymore, but in reality it does. My mind is the one that really doesn’t have any. I am wide awake, but I feel like death. My body is uppy and ready, but my mind is all “grr” ish. It’s weird. My anxiety pill really isn’t doing its job right now. I think the pressure of doing 2x the work since my boss is gone for the week, and my co-worker being lazy is doing this to me. I hope I can get use to this, and don’t feel like crap anymore. I felt like crap this morning around 5 AM, but I was able to sleep it off. The joys of pills and their side effects, but they keep me sane and the way I am. Can’t live without them.

On a weird note I was driving to Parker’s (convenient store) yesterday, and there was a lizard on my windshield. I was already on Abercorn at the time, and tried to turn into the store as swiftly as I could without knocking the lizard off. I think he/she fell off by the time I went into the parking lot. Rest in pieces lizzy. Or it probably survived the fall.

My temporary boss was talking to me this morning about bringing in pizza for everyone. That made me happy, and I could use some. Although College of Education has been feeding me giant tubs of ice cream for the last four days. Seriously those tubs are HUGE! And they cost over $100 for both of them. I think they only cost that much because catering delivered them.

Well, with my co-worker being out this morning I have the front computer to myself. I don’t like the computer I use, because it’s so slow! Window’s XP after a while will tend to act up when you don’t want it to. Had to get rid of my Desktop last year I had since 2006 due to the uber slowness. Eight years wasn’t so bad I guess. I still have my laptop I don’t even use on it. I need to finish Broken Age Act 2. I’ve only completed Vel’s story, and need to do Shay’s.

Have a good day!

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Why Do I Do This To Myself? ♫

Not sure why I keep doing this to myself. Why I let people take advantage of me doing things for them. I need to learn to say no, and move on with life. It’ll just bother me, make me angry, and I can’t sweep this under the rug no matter how many times I try to tell myself. Sighhhh….well, all I can is move on with the work place, and I can’t wait for my boss to get back from the hospital. Her husband had to have bypass surgery, so she’s been out the last few days. He’s making a full recovery, and I wish him the best! I just want her back, so I don’t have to deal with this co-worker.

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Pickle Flavored Chips w/ A Dash Of Annoyance ♫

So, I picked up a bag of Lay’s chips that are Dill Pickle flavored. Haven’t even opened them yet, but they sound good; because pickles are always good. Especially dill ones. I also want to try the ketchup flavored chips, but I haven’t found any here. It’s like that one time I tried Pepsi and Mountain Dew Throwback. That was a sugar overload.

I hope the post office doesn’t give me trouble again today like they’ve been for the past three days. I swear later yesterday if they had something to me I would of not have taken it. As soon as I set that bucket of mail down on the counter I am off work. I don’t want to hear anything that’s a hair off. It’s aggravating, and they asked me to do things which are illegal. I had enough, and I took some things to the other Post Office and had no problems. People are either stupid, or just don’t care anymore.

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