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House of Wolves With Americans ♫

I picked up the movie: “American Sniper” yesterday! Well, Robbie did. I am just stealing the credit, because I can. Still haven’t watched it, or taken a picture. Heck, I haven’t even put up my “Call of Duty: Black Ops … Continue reading

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I Need To Stop Procrastinating ♫

YES! I finally got all the non-anime stuff out of the spare bedroom. It’s sitting in the hallway now covered up with a ton of blankets just in case my cats decided to be nosy. Now all that’s left is … Continue reading

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Happy New Year! ♫

I took a long break from posting, but I am back now! I hope everyone has a wonderful 2015 and smile! It’s 2015!

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Oops! I Did It Again! ♫

No, I don’t mean playing with your heart either. I mean I locked the keys in my bosses car again. At least this time it’s parked outside of my work. My boss said she would get here early today, so … Continue reading

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Ramble Bamble ♫

Happy Friday everyone! Today is payday, and I get to go use that money to get three cavities filled! YAY! I am so excited for this treatment that I am jumping for joy. I think the only good thing about … Continue reading

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