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Gifts Of Books And Things ♫

I really didn’t do anything on my vacation last week. Just video games and sleep. I miss the sleep part. The video games one I could live without. I finished “A Separate Peace” last night, and I am now starting … Continue reading

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Just Can’t Decide On One ♫

Since I am finally all done with the books that’s been on a GoodReads list for a while I can read another book. I got “A Separate Peace” from one of my Reddit Gift’sperson from the “Book Exchange 2015”, and … Continue reading

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Retro Things And Lovely Books ♫

So something shocked me yesterday. My husband actually pre-ordered Call of Duty Black Ops 3. This is weird, because he doesn’t even play COD. Ever. We’ve been so hooked on Destiny, and me Dragonball Xenoverse it’s hard to find time … Continue reading

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Lots Of Things I Probably Didn’t Need And Pain ♫

Well, my Funko doll obsession is now up to 71 dolls! I would take a picture of them all, but I have a big mess to finish cleaning up; so I can get to the area to take a picture. … Continue reading

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Wishful Thinking Of A Hobby Writer ♫

Today is Friday! I should be happy, but I am not. Pewdiepie and Mountain Dew are hosting a fanfiction contest. The top three winners get to get their fanfic animated into either a short story or into an episode (I … Continue reading

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