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Gifts Of Books And Things ♫

I really didn’t do anything on my vacation last week. Just video games and sleep. I miss the sleep part. The video games one I could live without. I finished “A Separate Peace” last night, and I am now starting … Continue reading

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Vacation Is Over, Reality Is A No No! ♫

My nine day vacation is over! This means I am back to work and writing blogs. I really didn’t do anything over the past 9 days. Well, other than go to the Wildlife Reserve to see cool animals. The Cougar’s … Continue reading

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Whew! A Breather! ♫

This week’s work load has been crazy! I haven’t even had any time to write a blog post till today! At least everything is done for the time being, and students are going to be starting to come back in … Continue reading

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House of Wolves With Americans ♫

I picked up the movie: “American Sniper” yesterday! Well, Robbie did. I am just stealing the credit, because I can. Still haven’t watched it, or taken a picture. Heck, I haven’t even put up my “Call of Duty: Black Ops … Continue reading

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Just Can’t Decide On One ♫

Since I am finally all done with the books that’s been on a GoodReads list for a while I can read another book. I got “A Separate Peace” from one of my Reddit Gift’sperson from the “Book Exchange 2015”, and … Continue reading

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