Gifts Of Books And Things ♫

I really didn’t do anything on my vacation last week. Just video games and sleep. I miss the sleep part. The video games one I could live without. I finished “A Separate Peace” last night, and I am now starting “A Killer in Crinolines” by Duffy Brown. Apparently this is book 2, but so far I haven’t read anything that is complicated. Best part is that this book takes place in my home town of Savannah, Georgia! Really cool!

Oh, I also got my Dinosaur 2015 Reddit exchange gift the other day. This is what I got: This is what I got for the person I sent to: Really cool huh? Next is the bookmark exchange. I got a notification the other day that my package is coming via Amazon, so I have to wait to show y’all that. So instead I bring you the post of bookmarks that I sent to the girl: Honestly I don’t know if y’all can even view these links without an account.

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