Vacation Is Over, Reality Is A No No! ♫

My nine day vacation is over! This means I am back to work and writing blogs. I really didn’t do anything over the past 9 days. Well, other than go to the Wildlife Reserve to see cool animals. The Cougar’s and Bobcat’s were finally out this time, and I got to see them! The wolves were being really lazy, the bison were hiding int he trees, and the flying squirrel in a red room was sleeping. All the sites were really cool! I even got to see different types of hawks, vultures, owls, and eagles. The eagles were injured before the reserve to them in. They can only hop and not really fly at all. The site was so sad! I think the coolest thing I got to see was a gator eating fish. Robbie and I went to the lake part section of the reserve, and watch this small alligator snap on tome fish. Kind of cool actually. I even got to see a wild turtle not in the fenced area haha.

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