House of Wolves With Americans ♫

I picked up the movie: “American Sniper” yesterday! Well, Robbie did. I am just stealing the credit, because I can. Still haven’t watched it, or taken a picture. Heck, I haven’t even put up my “Call of Duty: Black Ops 3” posters yet. GameStop gave us two posters, because they were being nice; and they were double sided. Awwwww, such nice people! Anyways, all I’ve been doing yesterday was playing the new DLC: “House of Wolves” from the game: “Destiny”. Finished the story mission on three characters. Soloed the Titan and the Warlock. Robbie did the highest level the missions the Hunter can offer for some reason. I don’t know why the guy he was with wanted to do it on Level 32 instead of 28. The rewards aren’t any better. Oh well. I did 1x Nightfall (got crap), 2x Prison of Elders (got Truth(2nd) and Monte Carlo (5th)), 3x sets of story missions, and I plan on doing 3x Weeklys, 2x Nightfall’s, and 1x Prison of Elders to finish up the DLC. Then I can do the hard stuff (nightfall wasn’t too bad). The Nightfall was basically the new strike, and oh God the only thing bad about it was the stupid Exploder shanks. Other than that it was fun. Ok, I am done ranting about a game that probably only a handful of people on here play haha.

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