Irritating People W/ A slice of Pizza and Good News ♫

I think my co-worker gets the point now of that I don’t want to talk to her outside of work related business. She also started asking me “Did so and so say we all take a lunch?” I made it as clear as possible that “So and so and I take a lunch at one.” She wasn’t here all day, and wasn’t here all day yesterday. It’s not even 1 PM, and she wants to go on a lunch break when she just arrived 30 minutes ago. I was irritated, and didn’t answer any of her other questions. Not even 30 minutes, and I already wanted to scream. Basically anything she asks me now I put it in a professional tone with a hint of irritability, so she gets the point NOT to ask me questions. Everything now she does right or wrong irritates me. I can’t stand being around her anymore ever since Tuesday with the whole “taking advantage of the people around you while boss is away”. I am not going to tolerate it, and nor am I going to put up with it.

In other news, my bosses husband had to get 4 bypasses yesterday, and he’s recovering well! Please keep him in your prayers, and now it’s time for pizza.

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