Cold, Comics, And Cars ♫

It’s so COLD today. 35 F when I stepped out this morning, and I am still cold sitting in this mail room. I have to leave in about 40 minutes to go get the mail, and then I have to sort that. I really hope this day goes by fast. I want the weekend to be here! At least the sun is shinning finally, and there’s no more rain! I guess it’ll be warmer by the time I get out of here.

In other news I got Star Wars #2 yesterday from MovieStop! I already read it, and I really like how the series is going. The entire series takes place after A New Hope. I also really need to pick up Darth Vader #1 when it comes out towards the end of the middle of the month.

This weekend I am taking my car in to get a front en alignment. I had to get a new tire yesterday due to a nail being in the side wall where it can’t be patched. I am also getting an oil change, so that’s a good thing. Still need to go to CVS though during lunch today.

Have a nice weekend!

New #starwars issue!

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