Reddits And Birthdays ♫

Yesterday was my birthday! Yay! I got everything I wanted to get done yesterday. Which was just cleaning the apartment, and washing my car that now needs either a new tire or a patch in the old tire. My husband is taking the tire to Savannah Tires today to get it looked at. He has the day off from work, because he got sick; and was sent home. I am currently driving the new car, and the seats are mega comfortable. I got done with my anime room last Saturday by the way! I am so happy and proud of what I’ve done.

Now on for my birthday! Robbie, and I had cake! Just cake though. We were suppose to go out to a Japanese restaurant called Masato’s for dinner, but I didn’t feel good. I felt bad even before I had cake! That’s ok, because we’re going this weekend. Also, we still need The Hobbit 3, but hopefully it’s still in theater’s this weekend! I got some cool gifts, and a card from my friend that actually came out on my birthday!

In other news, I signed up for the Reddit Gift Exchange program again! I did the “pens and stationary” thing. The person I got paired up with is from Michigan, and only wanted “Sharpie fine pens.” Let me tell you, 8 of those cost me $12! Just for sharpie pens! So expensive! Oh well! I am sure she will love them. She didn’t want any stationary, so I didn’t buy any. But I did include a nice card that has a flower design, and told her to have a good day when she gets it!

Just received your card @lauralou1125! Thank you so much ❤ #blessed #friends

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Happy #birthday to me!

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