Discoloration Went Away ♫

My foot is no longer bruised, and my toes have returned to a natural color! All that’s left now is for the soreness to go away, which might take a few more days. Oh but some good news: my dads results came back negative! That means no more remains of Bladder cancer! (Not colon! Two different things). But he has to go every three months to the doctor for this year to get more tests done to make sure the nasty stuff didn’t grow back. I am just glad everything is working out OK. On another note, my spare bedroom is almost all picked up. I managed to get all the big stuff off the ground. Now all is left is the tiny stuff like action figures and other knick knacks. Then after all that is done I get to pick up the stuff that stays on the floor off, so I can vacuum! I honestly can’t wait till this gets done.

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