Sleepy, Sleepy, Sleepy ♫

Can I have an entire week to recover? Because I really think having Monday off yesterday did nothing for me. How am I going to handle Rockville if I can barely handle one concert on a Saturday? I think I am just tired, and need some caffeine or something sugary. Yesterday was MLK Day, so I had the day off automatically. Right now I am sitting at work typing up this blog post for the day. It’s not even 9 AM yet, and I am so sleepy. I am about to go get chocolate from the vending machine in the science building across from us.

Anyways, I heard what happened to Chester with the broken ankle and all. Hope he gets better! Don’t worry about missing any shows for the next two days, because you’ll get your money back. Honestly, as long as you get your money back then don’t complain. People need to heal when injured, and I wouldn’t get upset if my show got canceled. There’s nothing you can do about it, and throwing a temper tantrum will do nothing to solve it.

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