The Hunting Party – Nashville, TN 1/17/15 – Tour Report ♫

Robbie and I woke up around 5 AM to get ready for a long 8 hour car drive to Nashville, TN. I wasn’t looking forward to it. To be honest if I had the money to fly at that time I would have probably taken that option. Anyways, so my foot didn’t hurt anymore; but it was still badly bruised. Even now my toes are still discolored, but not as had as they were before. My soreness in my body was gone as well. Thank God for that. I hated the fact that this girl behind me during Linkin Park’s set dug her arm right into the side of my neck when Chester came down to shake hands during one of their songs that I can’t remember. Either way it was still cool. He shook my hand, and then a few others before going back to the stage. I was getting mad at this one girl standing next to me that was telling me that the people next to me should move down, so her Boyfriend could get back into his spot on the rail. I asked Robbie, but he wasn’t budging. He wasn’t above to shove the girl next to him, so one person can get back into their spot. Hell, I was squished myself when this happened during the encore. I had to get off the rail, so that I could breathe. The girl seemed so nice too, but she wouldn’t shut up about her BF getting on the rail when I was trying to enjoy the concert. However, getting kicked in the face by a crowd surfer was not fun at all. The guy behind me said he needed to get over the rail, because that was his friend. His dumb self hoped over people, kicked a girl in the head, which caused her head to hit the rail. She nearly had a concussion. Remember kids crowd surfing is stupid, and I will do my best to make sure I can throw you; or my husband will do it for me. Seriously, this is why I hate going down to the pit or rail, because I have to deal with people who think crowd surfing is harmless and no one can get hurt. Think about other people before you do something stupid. I think this is why bands are only encouraging circle pits like Rise Against did.

Before any of that happened, Robbie and I did make it to the hotel in one piece. At first we weren’t even able to get a room, because someone at canceled our reservation. I didn’t pay $135 for one night to have a canceled room. The money was deducted from the bank account already, and we had to go through a lot of phone calling to get our room back. At least the beds were comfortable. First hotel I’ve been to in a long time with a comfortable mattress. Didn’t get much sleep though due to the fact I had to keep blowing my nose. Being in a hockey arena where it was freezing didn’t help that much either. Even though the ice was still covered the area was still cold. The security also made us sit down on the dirty floor for crowd control I suppose. I was just happy when we were allowed to stand up. The only time sitting on the floor was ok when Austin asked the crowd to get down on one knee, so we can all jump up. Getting up wasn’t hard for me that time, and it was nice to see majority of the people on the floor did this. Anyways, before Robbie and I even got inside we were waiting at one of the Bridgestone Arena’s entrance where a handful of people were early entry and LPUers. We shrugged it off, and went to go get something to eat. I had a hamburger only ketchup with fries and a water. We listened to a local band playing on a small stage while we eat. It was nice. We left, and made our way back to the place where we lined up earlier while passing pedaling trolleys with drunk people and horses. There were horses on every block seriously. It was so cool to see! I wish I could have pet one of them.

We got back into line, and saw only two people were added to the small collection. We talked to them about everything we could think of, and it really passed the time. Even Lorenzo came out to talk to us, and I got a picture with him again. He even signed my lanyard. I still have to show him my picture of the one Adam signed from the Honda Civic Tour, but I have to finish cleaning up that spare bedroom to find it. Eventually around 5 we were let inside, and got general admission wrist bands. I almost cut the line, because I thought it was the line checking in with their early entry passes. Robbie and I skipped that table, and went back into the line ahead of us. No one was allowed to go down to the floor yet till every early entry and LPUer early entrant was checked in. That didn’t bother me. What bothered me was when a woman asked us where we got our LPU early entry passes. We said through the fan club. I thought she was about to pull us out of line, because she might have thought we just got them through her when we were outside. That would have sucked. After all that I looked behind me to see that line was not long at all. A security guard came up to us around 5:45, and we were led to the stage. I started to run towards the rail, but security yelled at us not to run. I just walked really fast after that, and got in front of the cat walk on the rail. This was the most organized event I’ve ever been to.

Of Mice And Men came on the stage first with “Feels Like Forever”. It was great! Most of the crowd were really into the band, and everyone got really excited when Austin came down the cat walk. Lucky for me no one decided to shove themselves up to the front, or started crowd surfing. I am actually really surprised no one was doing that. I don’t know if a mosh pit was going on, but I am not complaining. Any time not getting kicked in the face is a good time. Anyways, Alan was the one I couldn’t see the most of. He was off to the left of the stage hiding. I would say Tino was hard to see as well, but drummers are always hard to see. Either way there was a lot of energy, and Austin was stating that they’re here to warm us up for Rise Against and Linkin Park. He was right! I was really pumped after the set, and I am pretty sure my neck was going to be really sore after the night was over. I don’t really know what song was the highlight of the night for me during their set. I liked all of them, and jumping around with a lot of excitement in my system. The whole band put on a great show! I am also sorry Aaron that I couldn’t catch the pick. It fell short in front of me.

Where do I even begin with Rise Against? They were the band I really wanted to see the most, because I’ve never seen them live. I’ve been listening to RA since “Ready To Fall” came out on the radio. I was really looking forward to listening to some Black Market songs. I got really excited when I heard them. I couldn’t enjoy the last song though, because Robbie kept telling me to duck every time a crowd surfer would come over my head. Even before that when Tim was encouraging a circle pit no one did it. People did a mosh pit, but that’s about it. Instead Tim encouraged people to pump their fists up and jump up and down. He even came down to the crowd in one song, and had them sing as he was slapping and shaking hands. That was really cool! Although, I think the highlight for me is when he came out to the cat walk, and played “Swing Life Away” for us on his acoustic guitar. I closed my eyes, and sang along with him. It’s just a beautiful song, and one can’t just not sing along. All in all the whole band was amazing, and I would definitely see them live again. Robbie had some videos of them, bu the accidentally deleted them when his phone told him he had no storage space to record anymore. Oh well.

Now on for the big finale. Linkin Park had the stage all dark, and was playing the mashup in the background while each band member got into their position. Then “Guilty All The Same” broke out, and we all started screaming and jumping. I was really happy to see my favorite band live again! I started singing along to all the songs, and had a big smile on my face. I think I got a little too happy when “From The Inside” started playing. I love this song, and hearing it alive again was something I don’t think I’ll forget. Robbie noticed my happy dance, and recorded a bit of the song for me. At this time his storage space was free enough for him to record some videos. Since this is our fourth show Robbie decided to just record songs he doesn’t really record. Maybe next time we can get the “Joe Hahn experience”. I really like those solos they do! Brad even came down the cat walk with his Hybrid Theory Logo guitar and did his solo. I wish I could have seen Rob a bit better, but I can’t complain. Seeing the entire band live had its own experience. Mike came down to do “In The End” right next to us, and Robbie got that part on camera. He even touched his hair like he was giving him a noogie haha. I thought that was a bit awkward, cool, and creepy at the same time. I would never do that. It be weird to me since fangirling/fanboying like that or in general is really not of my nature. Honestly, I think “Wastelands” was the only song I didn’t sing to, because I don’t know the lyrics that well. Of course I didn’t even try the rapping except for “Remember The Name” and “Guilty All The Same”. I couldn’t help myself.

Anyways, the melody was the highlight for me, and it’s always been at every LP show I go to. It’s just one of those mashups that you can just sit there, close your eyes, and let the melody carry you away into dream land. Even Aaron came out during the end of it to sing for us. That really brighten me up a lot more, and once again I went back to my dream sequence. Thanks guys for that! Even Austin came out for “Faint”. They were all going around hugging, fist bumping, and throwing their hands up in the air for the crowd. The energy of the crowd really seemed to intensify during that. Even the girls behind me wouldn’t stop screaming. Hurt my left ear, but I couldn’t blame them I suppose. The whole experience through the entire set list was just something I can’t forget now that I’ve experienced rail with these bands for the first time. I am really glad I didn’t sign up for a M&G this time. Anyways, all the songs were great, and after “Bleed It Out” Chester, Mike, and Dave came to the end of the stage, and all had their arms over each other waving to the crowd and smiling. After all that Chester was the last one left, he did his little kiss to the crowd, and walked off stage.

All in all the entire show was amazing, and I had a really good time! I even told the people who were just here for OMAM and RA that they will enjoy LP’s show, and I was right! They had a lot of fun; and had no complaints about anyone. I think the funniest part was when Mike came down the cat walk, played his guitar, and accidentally dropped his pick as he left. I tried to get the security guards attention to get the pick, but he didn’t understand me; and someone else got it. Oh well! I can’t complain! No one can really say they had a bad time when up in front of the bands faces. Rob’s drumstick flew over Robbie’s head, and into the person behind us. That was actually kind of funny. Eventually Robbie and I left, and walked out of the arena and passed the big Jack White sign to get to the parking garage where our car was. The car with the “LNKN PRK” (or something like that) was gone by the time we got there. Getting back to the hotel though was a pain. Our GPS wasn’t working, and had to resort to SIRI to tell us where to go. Many of the roads were blocked off, and we had to make constant detours. Hell, even getting out of the parking garage wasn’t any fun.

At least though we did make it back to the hotel, I showered, and passed out on the bed. I was really tired, and Sunday we drove the 8 hour trip back home. Passed out when I got home as well. I was really sore, hurting, and tired. I don’t even think a tornado could wake me up. I am still tried, and its only Monday! Thank God for a day off due to MLK day! Anyways, that’s it. I hope everyone enjoyed! Links to videos and photos are below!

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