Lots Of Things I Probably Didn’t Need And Pain ♫

Well, my Funko doll obsession is now up to 71 dolls! I would take a picture of them all, but I have a big mess to finish cleaning up; so I can get to the area to take a picture. It’s a quarter done. Got all the hard stuff out of the way! Went to the comic book store yesterday, and got me the latest Deathstroke comic. not sure why it was $15 though. Usually I just pay $5, and be done with it. Forgot to get Grayson, and the remaining issues of The Death of Wolverine. Bad Ally is bad. Anyways, tripped today. When I went to my car I put my foot on the last step, and twisted it. At work right now, and it’s numb as hell. Hurts too. Oh well! If it gets worse I am going to Urgent Care to have them look at it. It’s probably just bruised. I am in a lot of pain right now. This still doesn’t trump the time when I was standing on my chair, fell, and the top portion landed on the inside of my thigh. Had a nasty very long and big purple and black bruise that took up majority of my inner thigh. Not fun.

Got the new issue of #deathstroke issue and yay Olaf for my #funko collection!

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