RAOK, Halloween, And THP NA Tour ♫

Saturday I went to Barnes & Nobles to get a Funko doll. I had two 20% discount cards. I could only use one, and I saw a lady behind me in line that had 8 books in her hand. I gave her my second one. She was surprised, and said thank you. Random acts of kindness goes a long way in life. Makes you have that happy glowy feeling as well. Then you just smile the rest of the day. Let’s all do this! I even donate a $1 to some organization when I buy off ebay. I bought a Funko doll off ebay and donated to UNICEFF :). They help children get clean water. Let’s all learn from this.

In other news, I couldn’t help my mom pass out Halloween candy. I didn’t feel well, and I honestly wanted to go home and sleep. I stayed for pizza, but after that I just left. My mom asked me to call her during the week, so I will do that tomorrow.

Please don’t comment if you’re just going to complain that they aren’t coming to your country for this NA tour. I can’t wait for THP in North America! OF MICE AND MEN, RISE AGAINST, AND LINKIN PARK TOGETHER! That is a dream come true for me! OMAM and LP are my two favorite bands, and I really do hope I get to go to the show in TN. Robbie can’t request days off till February. So fingers cross that TN is an option! I’ve driven past Nashville many, many, many years ago; but never have I stopped there.

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