My Order Came In! ♫

Part of my GC order came in on Friday! I didn’t get the drumsticks yet. I am kind of surprised due to the fact I ordered both things separately, and they both got shipped out at the same time. Why they weren’t combined with the order is beyond me, but I am hoping to get them today. If not then I’ll give them till the end of the week to make sure that my order wasn’t just checked off, because of the other order. Either way everything is so cool!

I keep getting asked questions here, on FB, Twitter, and Instagram what most of this stuff is. I’ve already deleted majority of it, because I got tired of seeing the same questions; and people didn’t know what “google” was. I am not answering anymore questions regarding what the items are. Don’t ask me again.

As for how I got the points. Isn’t that also obvious? It’s called being active. You get points by posting and making blogs. It’s really not hard to figure out.

Yes, you have to pay for shipping. Not everything in the world you get for free is free. Be thankful you didn’t have to really spend any money!

Anyways, have a good Monday!

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