Oops! I Did It Again! ♫

No, I don’t mean playing with your heart either. I mean I locked the keys in my bosses car again. At least this time it’s parked outside of my work. My boss said she would get here early today, so we can call the locksmith. Personally leaving the keys in the ignition over night is a bad idea, but luckily no one stole it. I can imagine a drunk college kid coming in, breaking the window, and then burn the tires out into the night. They wouldn’t even get very far considering the police department is right next to the campus police department.

In other news I had to deal with lazy people yesterday who didn’t want to pick up their packages. They complain that it’s so “far” when they have classes right across the street. I know I wouldn’t act this way. If I spent my money on something, or if I got a care package I get it in a heart beat! I love getting things in the mail! In fact I am waiting for my LootCrate fear themed monthly crate and my LPU package. I am super excited!

Lastly, my dad is doing better, and he started his PT last Monday! He’s moving up and around, and happy as can be! I forgot to bring the Transformers 4 and The Winter Soldier movie over to my dads. I will when his truck is available to be picked up later in the week.

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