Point Items And Turtles ♫

So, the LPU items I bought Friday were already shipped on the same day. I bought everything in the point store besides the skate deck and the LPU11 lanyard. Not that interested in the skate deck that much. In total I think I spent about 7,100 points. I accidentally bought two LPU Cup holders. Whoops! I can’t wait for everything including the drumsticks.

Anyways today is Monday, and it’s a new week! payday was this past Friday, and I bought the Turtle Van Funko Doll! It’s big, and I had to make some room on my dresser for it. That meant Ylvis (my stuff animal fox) had to be put on Robbie’s dresser. Robbie wasn’t too happy that I found it in Barnes & Noble. At least now I have the complete Turtle Funko set.

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