Just Saiyans And Records ♫

Yesterday my OMAM sweatshirt came in! It’s so cool looking! http://instagram.com/p/t3bcKZQmV_/. For obvious reasons I can’t wear it to work, but I can wear it around the park, at the mall, and at a OMAM concert! this is going to be exciting! Also, the new DBZ movie Battle Of Gods came out yesterday! http://instagram.com/p/t22Tkewmca. I watched this last night too. It was ok. I thought it could have been a lot better, but it was great to watch another DBZ movie again. I’ve seen them all and all the specials (Bardock special when he became a super saiyan is still my favorite). I can’t wait for the new movie that comes out in 2015!

I really want a record player for my vinyl’s. It’s depressing that I own some vinyl’s but have nothing to play them on. I found some for about $50 on Amazon, and I am going to be checking those out later. I still also need picture frames for my Watch_Dogs posters, and finish the puzzle on the table. At least I no longer need a bookcase.

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