Routers And Otaku Land ♫

I am disappointed. I couldn’t see my dad yesterday, because the shift changes from 6 PM to 8 PM. I get off work at 5, and I don’t have time to go home and then go right to the hospital. That means as soon as I get off I got to go straight to the hospital. Even then I doubt I will make it by 6 due to traffic and whatever. I guess it’ll have to wait till this Sunday. I did get 15 mins extra of overtime yesterday. Maybe I can use that to leave earlier to see my dad.

In other news I finally finished setting up my PC, and stuff in Otaku land (my spare bedroom). I am so happy! It’s my very own woman cave, and Robbie can have the big TV with all the video game consoles up front. That is still I decide to play it. There’s no internet on the desktop anymore, and I can write without distractions. Until I get a new laptop next year, and then I can get rid of the desktop. The desktop doesn’t work too well anymore, and is 8 years old. Since I got the cable-moden-wifi upgrade from Comcast I don’t need anymore chords to plug into the back of computers. All I need is the power, and the jack slot to plug those two chords in. Life is good. I am glad that Comcast did this. Greatest idea yet!

Also, I am either debating on moving the spare TV, and the stand it’s on from the bedroom to Otaku Land. I think I’ll never end out of that room if I do haha. It’ll be in front of the spare closet that no one ever uses. Problem is that the outlet is in a spot where I don’t trust it. It’s barely holding on, and I am afraid if I plug that up then the apartment will catch on fire. Don’t want that happening. Extension chords and a power surge protector would work on the far end plug. I just don’t know.

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