Locked Adventure In The Ideals Of Technology ♫

Got a new cable-modem today from Comcast! I am so happy as the thing has built in wi-fi, and I no longer need my router. I was wondering when technology would ever get this far ahead. Now the router companies will decrease in sales haha. Poor routers. I am still saving mine just in case. I couldn’t even activate mine, so I had to call Comcast to help me with it. I didn’t even need to hook it up to the computer! I have wi-fi through wireless connections! I just remember having to hook up my old cable-modem up to my desktop to make everything work. Now I don’t need to. Unless I want internet on my old crappy desktop then sure haha.

In other news, I locked my bosses car keys in the car yesterday while at the post office. Wasn’t the most pleasant thing. Endured the hot sun for two hours. I couldn’t go inside, because I already lugged the have cart out to the back of the station wagon. The locksmith got the door open, and then made a bunch of illegal turns and stops to get back onto the ramp. I was thinking he’s going to get himself killed one of these days.

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