Carpet Cleaning With Space Dreams ♫

Every now and then I get those weird dreams where I am in space. They are really more cool then weird actually. I wouldn’t mind the previous dream where I was on the Death Star and being Luke flying all over the place and avoiding Darth Vader. I watched too much Star Wars that day. Anyways, so the space dream I had today it was a vivid lucid dream. I couldn’t control my background, but I was able to control my flying. it was so cool! Space was pink, purple, and very misty with lots of stars. Then eventually I lost control and fell haha. The weird part was I fell to the ground, and Austin Carlile was there. I took a photo with one of those cameras that spits the photo out. I was able to see it. it wasn’t distorted or had any jumble words. It was just us smiling. I got really sad for some reason. Then I woke up.

In other news the carpet people came yesterday, and cleaned up the carpet. It’s so clean now and squishy, because the carpet is a little wet. My cats were very happy to get out of the spare bedroom, and my anime with all my band stuff was safe. The carpet by the door however was not. I had to clean up whatever stuff Mickey pulled out of the carpet. That frustrated me.

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