Faint Featuring Awesomeness ♫

So the other night was the Hollywood Bowl, and I didn’t buy the VyRT thing. Yesterday my friend showed me a video and told me to click. I did, and I got really excited to see that the title said “Faint featuring Austin Carlile.” I was watching it about 10 times, and was grinning/ I couldn’t believe the singer of my second favorite band was performing with my first favorite band. This makes me excited for November even though I don’t live in Europe and can’t go to any of their shows. I wonder if they will keep doing this? I would love to see it! I also like how Austin was grinning and singing the whole time (not in the mic at times). Who doesn’t want to sing at a LP show? I’ve been singing to every LP song since my first one. It’s just one of those bands you gotta sing along to. Well you don’t but you get what I mean.

My favorite part is when Austin and Chester said “SO I” together. It just fit the mood. Mike’s guitar is still awesome as ever, and those bro hugs. Then I like how all three got on one of the boxes, and sang/played together. Then the end when Chester and Austin are facing each other singing. I really liked that video, and Brad shaved his head! Yay! All the videos keep getting taken down, so all the close up ones are gone. This makes me sad. Everytime I add one to my favorites it gets deleted a few hours later haha. Most were just fan footage.

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