What Dreams May You Bring ♫

Last night I had an interesting dream. I dreamed about being in a zombie apocalypse, but still had electricity. I was looking for shot gun bullets, and i go to a convenient store where they sell handgun bullets. I kept asking for shot gun bullets, and I kept getting really weird looking “bullets” that don’t even go into guns. I got frustrated, and yelled at the lady. She glared at me, and told me to leave. Back out in the zombie apocalypse where there are no zombies around. Eventually a police officer also told me to leave.

After a minute I ended up in a hotel that was connected to a store that had a bunch of iphone chargers and math supplies. One of my Facebook friends had the bullets I needed, and would only trade them for a blue iphone charger. It had to be dark blue too, or no deal. I go to the store, and pick up everything there in my shopping basket. I even managed to find a dark blue and sky blue charger. Also a bunch of stuff animals like Simba, Nala, penguins, purple ponies, dogs, and cats that were bigger then me. Some how I managed to bring all those back with me.

I got my bullets that were see through with mechanical stuff inside. I tried to put them in the bullet slot on my shot gun, but the slot was made of wood; so I couldn’t put them in there. Ahhhh then I woke up. Funny part is I never saw any zombies. I was so keen on finding bullets that my brain didn’t register any.

Story of my nightmares.

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