If A Friend Don’t Listen And Random Ramblings ♫

So yesterday I broke it off with a “friend”, because she wouldn’t listen to me when I was trying to mend a friendship. i guess I got to pick my friends better, or just learn not to care so much. My friend told me the other day that because I care too much that it’s considered my one weakness. I guess it could be, but I rather use it to my strengths then let it get the best of me. Everyone’s different after all, and we all react differently to things around us. Some make a big deal out of it, others make too little out of it, and then there’s those who just don’t care. I just wish that people would realize people aren’t going to react the same to something. It’s like they want you to be monotone to one thing, and then just live your life by that one feeling. I hate that. I hate being told to chill out when I am perfectly calm. I don’t swear, yell, or throw a hissy fit at people when I am trying to be reasonable. I just wish people would do the same in return. I guess I am asking too much out of the human race. Oh well. I lose friends I lose friends. It’s no skin off my nose. I’ll just make awesome ones in the future, and forget about the ones who don’t listen at all.

Anyways, Robbie bought Destiny and Captain America: The Winter Soldier yesterday. He went to MovieStop to get both of them. Yes he went to MovieStop to get Destiny for the PS4. GameStop in the mall didn’t want to pay for the mall to be open after closing time, so they got their sister company to do it. Even though neither company have any relation to each other at all. I just call it their sister company due to the fact that it’s got a similar name and even the same colors. There’s a cigarette store in my city called SmokeCity with the same colors as well. I am assuming it’s a cigarette store due to the name. I wouldn’t know though as I never been there. Just taking a guess out of my butt.

So apparently the Simba Funko doll from Disney just got released. I got jealous, and I wanted it! I asked my husband if the set comes with Nala but it didn’t. That made me sad, because I guess it’s only in the “Disney” set. I still need to get the Plague Doctor to finish my Assassins Creed collection along with Rocksteady and Bebop from TMNT (the turtle van comes out later, so that’ll be next on my list), and the vocaloid dolls Hatsune Miku and Ren. I don’t even really like Vocalois, but I do like how they look. I wonder if Funko’s will put out anymore. Ren is on its way here from Ebay right now, and I need to get the Vegeta Funko doll from Dragonball Z. I have the Hot Topic exclusive of Goku, and then Super Saiyan Goku; but it be nice to get Vegeta too. I hope the next set Gohan is released. Surprised really they didn’t put him in with set one.

In other news, my A Day To Remember concert with Bring me the Horizon is coming up! I can’t wait! I also get to see Chiodos and Motionless in White as well. I’ve already seen MIW at Warped Tour, and they were alright. I haven’t seen Chiodos yet live, and I am really looking forward to it. I follow Craig Owen on Twitter, so I get to keep up with all his updating. Now I just got to remember what Oli said about using a certain hashtag. I don’t like to favorite tweets, so I just took a print screen of it. I am also sick of people’s favorites showing up in my timeline. It’s just as annoying as RTs. That’s why I have everyones RTs turned off. Had to do it individually, but I don’t get to see them!

Have a good day! I am done rambling!

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