Want A Cookie? ♫

Boss is being unreasonable again today. I’ve been doing the same thing I was taught and TOLD since August of last year. Yeah, I’ve been at this crappy job for a year now. It was actually a year a few weeks ago, but I can’t wait till after October then I can look for something else. I should really start looking now. A new job seems worth it to miss the ADTR show on a Friday. This is an easy job, and is pretty laid back; but when you don’t tell me crap about YOU doing your own thing then HOW are we suppose to not know what to do and not to do? Oh well. One less thing for me to give two finks about! Then she’s going to come up to me, and go “WHY DIDN’T YOU DO THIS?” and I am going to be like “BECAUSE YOU WANTED TO DO IT.” It’s happened before, and this is getting to the point where she isn’t using her brain. Did you know she fractured her bones three weeks ago, and didn’t do anything about it till a few days ago? She said it was because I was on vacation, and so was my other co-worker. I just sat there and laughed. Sorry for my lack of pity, but last time I checked fractured bones could lead to other misfortunes, and I flat out told her it was her fault she didn’t take care of it to begin with.

Oh the other day she had the nerve to get onto me for saying “your appointment is during your mail run!” Me: OK? You want a cookie? (I didn’t say this, but I wanted to). Yeah, like I am going to risk my health over the mail run. Boo finking hoo. Poor babies won’t get their mail on time, because she didn’t train other people to do my route. I should just leave for the day, and not come back; and say oh sorry.

My lack of sympathy isn’t here.

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