Crazy In The Work Place ♫

Yesterday was hell on earth. The peek of the packages finally arrived, and we got them scanned in a timely effort. Thank God. If we didn’t we would have been there till 6 PM trying to get everything scanned in. Lucky for us we had three people working on packages. I would have helped, but there’s only three scanners; so I was pretty much useless. I had to also finish fixing the names that were under my bosses name that were not in the system. Right now though I am just getting the packages off the shelf for my co-workers when they come in. Reason I am doing it is because I know where all the packages are on the shelf. After going through them a dozen times you pretty much got the placement and names memorized. It’s pretty crazy. I also fear today is going to get a lot worse. Come next Wednesday I expect everything to start slowing down, and go to the bottom of that hill. Hopefully. I am just glad it’s Friday.

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