Work And Buckets ♫

So, the first day of school started for kids at the university I worked at, and it wasn’t hell yet. Not all the books have came in, which makes me happy, and that means today is going to be a very heavy day. When I went to drop off all the items at the post office yesterday the people there had more for me. That was so much fun to deal with! Before all that though these two kids come in looking for a package that had a joke name on the box. I told them not to do that again as we go by the person’s name on there before room number. That was fun. They were saying I should have looked at the return address, and I said you don’t put “Chase & Chase” on a package. One guys middle name was Chase, and the others was actually Chases’, and sadly it belonged to the guy with the middle name Chase. Fun.

Anyways, I saw Mike did the Ice Bucket Challenge when he got tagged by Steve Aoki. Then he tagged Chester Bennington and Austin Carlile. I want to see Austin’s the most. I hope they both do it though. Watching people dump ice water over their head is always fun, and it’s for a good cause.

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