Bands, Concerts, Bands, Concerts ♫

So now that Linkin park is over I can concentrate on other concerts for the time being. In October I have A Day To Remember with Bring Me The Horizon and Chiodos in Orlando, FL I can’t wait for that! I love all three bands, and I know I will be stoked at their concert. I’ve already seen Bring Me once before, so I know what to expect of them. Then in November I have Sleeping With Sirens with Pierce The Veil in Mrytle Beach, SC. I wish I could have done VIP with SWS and PTV, but sadly there was none left by the time I could afford to buy concert tickets. Robbie wants to go see Justin Timberlake in December, and I do too! I hope we can go see him. I love Justin, and I think he’s a great singer. I’ve never seen N’SYNC live, so this might make up for it!

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