Warped Tour 2014 – Charlotte, NC 7/28/14 Tour Report ♫

Yesterday was a lot of fun. I got sunburned, met Of Mice and Men, and had the time of my life! Apparently applying sunblock that is 110 SF three times a day does no good. The back of my neck didn’t get burn for some reason as well. Oh well! The Aloe Vera on my skin right now is making my painful skin a little better. Still I like to know if my ears are burned, because I can’t tell.

Anyways, Robbie and I left that Sunday morning to stay the night in Charlotte, and leave late the next day. The hotel wasn’t too bad. The bed though wasn’t very pleasant as I kept tossing and turning all night. I think t he most sleep I’ve gotten that night was 2 hours max, but I did meet other people there as well. Not trying to be a stereotype, but I could tell they were there for Warped by the way they were dressed. I tried to talk to them, and ask them who they are here to see. One said Atilla, and I am not sure about the others. They asked me, and I Said Of Mice & Men. Then they seemed disinterested. Thanks haha.

So the day of the concert comes, and we had no idea what time we could park. We tried to look up information about it two days beforehand, but even the venue itself didn’t have it listed. Actually there wasn’t even a venue website, and Ticketmaster’s information was useless. So We pretty much just tried to get into the venue at 7:30 AM anyways, but one of the security guards letting in buses and vans to where we needed to be said that parking isn’t until 9. So we go and chill out at Wal-mart for about an hour. Robbie and I went to the video game section, and looked at games. Then looked at Yu-Gi-Oh! and Pokemon cards. I Went to the bathroom a couple of times and all the other TMI stuff you guys are dying to read about, but I won’t post that so don’t worry. Also, I don’t think I’ve ever seen Wal-mart that dead at 8 in the morning. At 2 AM yes, but definitely not 8 AM.

9 AM rolls around, and we go to the premiere parking section. The lady who is directing traffic scanned our pre-bought paper. We parked somewhere on the grass. Nothing more exciting then that. We walked across the lot on the annoying gravel and saw that there were people already in line with the main gates nowhere to be seen. I seriously thought the line was stretched just a bit around but nope. It was stretched far around from the venue gates. Well, I wasn’t worried about that as I needed to find the “Feed Our Children” tent. I sent a tweet earlier asking them where their location was, and got a response back saying by the front gate. Robbie and I managed to get to the two tents to drop off a iPhone 4, $5, and six cans of food. Apparently one of the workers though I had kids, and was trying to give me three bands instead of two. I know I’m old, but I only look 23 instead of 28. Maybe it was the hair. After that we got into the “Skip the Line” line, but it turns out there was no line for it. It was so disorganized with people everywhere that no one really knew what line to be in as people started to move up. I even had to deal with a guy smoking in front of me telling me it wasn’t weed, and purposely blew in my face. I told him flatly I didn’t smoke. After that the line was figured out as we pushed our way to the entrance of the doors.

Once inside I was looking for the “KIA Soul lounge” as I needed to get in line to get a “Of Mice and Men” poster pass. I didn’t want to buy a schedule for $2. Personally I found it ridiculous, but that’s just me. Anyways, Robbie and I found these two girls who knew where the KIA soul lounge was, so I ran after them. I never ran so hard in my life. Other people were running to the Vans Warped Tour tent, and I still couldn’t find the lounge. I even asked vendors, and people but good God did I get some very unpleasant responses. I’ve never met people so mean at concerts before. Eventually I realized I lost my husband haha. I called Robbie to find out where he was, but got no response; so I just text him to see where he was. Apparently he made it to the lounge, and told me where he was in line. Lucky for us he was in a good spot. We waited in line for nearly an hour trying to get the passes. Robbie even accidentally bumped into a lady twice and apologized. The lady then went on a rant about it, swore at my husband, and then went on saying “I am old enough to be your mom!” We just ignored it. We didn’t want any drama. Really wish she shuted the fuck up though. Eventually we did get our passes, and Robbie got a VIP KIA access pass that allowed him to get on the rise. I didn’t know that at the time, and asked the lady who was giving out the passes what it was for. She saw my husband had one, and figured we were together; so I got one as well! Thank you lady!

Robbie and I went to rise, and stood there most of the day watching bands play on the “KIA Soul Stage” and the “KIA Electronic Soul Stage.” It was pretty cool how we had an amazing view of both stages while we were off the ground. I was a little mad when the workers came to take down the rise during “Motionless in White’s” set. “Of Mice and Men” were playing after them on the Electronic stage, but I didn’t complain. I was just happy to see OMAM play. Anyways the acts I saw on the soul stage were: (Not in order) Enter Shikari, For Today, Less Than Jake (only caught the last two songs), Motionless in White, Yellowcard, and The Ghost Inside. We didn’t see Parkway Drive because I went to go get food and Breathe Carolina, because Robbie and I needed to get home; because I had a doctor’s appointment the next day. On the electric soul stage were: (Not in order) Four Year Strong, Mayday Parade, Falling In Reverse, We The Kings, Story So Far, The Summerset, and Of Mice and Men. We didn’t see The Devil Wears Prada, because we were at the M&G with OMAM at the time.

All bands put on a great show, and were quite interesting. I sat down for a few of them though. They were great, but I didn’t want to stand. Yeah, I know I probably should have, but oh well. To break down some of the bands: Yellowcard had a crowd surfing guy in a Panda suit, Less Than Jake has some gags going on, Mayday Parade had too many people in front of me on the rise to watch, Enter Shikari’s vocalist was crazy in a good way, Motionless in White’s lead singer cursed the sun out and made us sing about….yeah, Ronnie Radke from Falling In Reverse told someone “If you’re man enough to throw a bottle at me then you’re man enough to swing at me” (not kidding either. Go Ronnie! Please don’t go back to jail!), We The Kings made us do the sorority pose, and The Ghost Inside were the best band from my list of “bands I think are awesome that I just heard of today.” It was a crazy a day.

Of Mice and Men came on last when the sun was just starting to set. Man the way the sunrays were reflecting off the stage made the experience 10x more fulfilling. I just wish I remembered the full set list. It was different from the others, and I think it’s because of OM&M not being able to attend Carolina Rebellion a few months ago? I am not sure, but Robbie said Austin said that he owed us for Carolina Rebellion. We even had a circle pit around one of the van’s warped tour tents during Bone’s Exposed. It was pretty cool watching that pit! One pit I wouldn’t have minded being in that I knew I wouldn’t have gotten hurt in. Anyways, the set list I remembered was Public Service Announcement, The Flood, O.G. Loko, Feels Like Forever, Bones Exposed, Would You Still Be there, The Depths, and I don’t remember what the last song was. I don’t remember it being “You’re Not Alone Anymore.” It was something else. Maybe I am mistaken? I just know Austin said “protection.” Anyways, so during the last song Austin asked us to get down on one knee on the ground. I didn’t want to get fully down as I had a big bag with me on my shoulder. I got down as far as I could though. Some people up front though didn’t, and Austin asked them to get down. Some eventually did, and then he tells us to “wait” a few times. My knee at that point was screaming at me, but I held it. Then the next thing we know we’re up and jumping up and down. It was awesome! I was jumping up and down! My bag hurt the crap out of my sides, but I didn’t care! That whole 30 minutes was amazing, and I managed to dance my way to the middle part of the crowd behind the moshpit. There were many open gaps for Robbie and I to get in there, so none of us pushed and shoved. I don’t do that kind of stuff. Still though good job guys. Ya’ll made my four hour car drive from Savannah, GA to Charlotte, NC a memorable one.

Now I want to talk about the people I met before I get into the M&G. I met this girl, whose name is being withheld, through her mother on the rise. We were talking about bands, religion, hero’s, and idol’s. It was pretty cool. She’s really nice, and the first real friendly person that I met outside of her mom. I met some others during the line waits as well, but we didn’t talk all that long. We talked about the bands we are seeing coming up. Few even asked about Sleeping With Sirens and Pierce The Veil doing a tour together if we were going to see them, but I said we can’t buy tickets till September really. Too much stuff going on in August, and then there’s Linkin Park next Saturday in Tampa. Some asked why we didn’t go to Warped Tour in Atlanta, and I just gave the same response: had to work and had the entirety of next week off. I don’t think people realize the ATL and CHARLOTTE drive is the same distance haha. Now the people I didn’t talk to please next time mind your own business. When I am talking to someone and not you don’t jump into the conversation. If I want to converse with my friend about life I will. Y’all just watch your bands. On another note I was watching the crew taking down the rise make air guitar motions and dance during MIW set. It was hilarious!

Now for the meet and greet: Robbie’s Side – Wearing a DC Scribblenauts: Unmasked T-shirt

Austin: shook Robbie’s hand, said what’s up, he said nothing, Austin said he loved his shirt, and he said thank you.
Alan: he said what’s up, Robbie said nothing, shook his hand, and Alan said he loved his shirt.
Aaron: shook robbie’s hand, and “Like your shirt! That’s from scribblenauts right?”
Tino: he said “what’s up man?”, Robbie just shook his hand.
Philip: Robbie doesn’t remember. Just remembers shaking his hand.

Now for the meet and greet: My Turn

Austin: I told him I had some letters to give him from a fan that wasn’t able to get a poster pass (she literally walked up to me, and asked me to hand the band letters. I told her I am just going to hand them over to the first person at the table, and she was ok with that), I told Austin that the two letters not in the stack I am giving him now are from me, he was happy about it and said ok and thank you, then he shook my hand.
Alan: signed my poster, and I almost forgot to shake his hand.
Aaron: Asked me how I was doing, I said fine, and asked him, he said he was doing good, and I shook his hand.
Tino: Asked me how my day was, I said hot, and he said yeah it is, and then I asked him, he said good, and I shook his hand.
Philip: I shook his hand.

All in all it was fun. Not going to lie the morning sucked, and I wanted to go home before I even got the M&G for OM&M due to everything turning into a disaster, but as soon as I got the poster pass everything seemed to be better. Getting the poster and VIP pass, meeting my hero, getting to see many cool bands live, making a new friend, and being up off the ground just made my day so much better. Thank you God for this wonderful day you have given me, and the amazing luck to go along with it. Now only if it didn’t cost me $28 for two meals that weren’t even worth the price, but I got a OM&M t-shirt; so that’s ok.

To close out I want to say thank you to OM&M and everyone else that made this day special and memorable for me. Ya’ll are just way too awesome, so please keep being awesome. I am also not sorry to the people I said no to giving my poster too. I stood out in the blazing sun to get it, and y’all should have too. However, to the girl who was crying I hope you get a M&G next time. Keep your chin up! It’ll happen!




Picked up this #omam shirt at #warpedtour now I have more tank tops for walking. @omandm

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