The Anticipation ♫

One more day of work, three more days till Sunday, and four more days till Warped Tour. I hate the fact that I have officially resorted to counting down days till the event I want to go to comes. Don’t get me wrong, I am excited for my vacation, but the concert at Charlotte, NC. AGH! Why can’t it just come already? I am not even acting like this with LP. I guess the chance of meeting Austin Carlile from OMAM is weighing down on me. See, they do signings every day, but one day of the week. That one random day of the week is an acoustic set. I’d be happy with either, but I really want to give Austin my letter.

Also, “Feed the Children” are accepting can good donations to help the poor kids out there. You can either bring in three can goods, donate $5, or a used cellphone to skip the GA line, and go in. Robbie and I are going to wal-mart on Saturday to buy six can goods. It’s got a good cause, and we get to go in early. Ahhh, but I am proud of Atlanta today. I hope people donate many can goods, and I hope not just because Austin is going to be sitting at the table accepting the donations. Although I am a little sad that I won’t be able to go to my states showing. Robbie couldn’t get the day off, and I could have but didn’t. Going to Warped Tour by yourself isn’t really a good idea. Now after that whole missing Hannah thing from the Warped Tour in Canada. Not really sure if she went missing really. Too many sketchy details.

Anyways, that’s my rant. All I know is Robbie is going to call the Pavilion and ask where our VIP parking is going to be at. I know it’s going to be up front, but I seriously doubt it be in a fenced area. That be so cool if it was. Then after that we find the donation tent “Feed our children,” and then once in RUN to the Kia Warped tent to get poster passes/find out if it’s an acoustic set for OMAM. I don’t know anymore. All I want is for Sunday to get here.

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