One Long Weekend ♫

So, this past weekend was actually very kind to me. I got to finish reading The Mortal Instruments Book 2, and finish Watch_Dogs. All now I need to finish is Books 3 – 6, finish the puzzle on the table, watch Dragonball GT, and watch finish Yu-Yu Hakusho. Doesn’t seem like a very long list right? It’s just time consuming, and I also have to finish my two stories that I am working on just for fun. So yeah, a very busy, busy week is ahead. Then I got The Last of Us remastered for the PS4 coming out July 29th. I’ve already beaten the one one the PS3, but this time I get to take screenshots of the giraffes at the end!!! That was my favorite part about the whole thing. I am not looking forward to dealing with clickers again though. I should just be happy that I’ll be playing it again, but I am REALLY happy that I don’t have to ever touch Watch_Dogs ever again! I REALLY SUCKED AT DRIVING!

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