Accidents And Mayhem ♫

This is why things need to be better where I work at. Friday was crazy, and come today it’s getting just as crazy. Boss complains about me taking the full mail run from one of my co-workers, but forgets that she didn’t leave us any instructions on what to do about lunch and leaves us with one dead golf cart. We didn’t want to leave my co-worker who is partially deaf in one ear and fully  in another. So we had to make a decision based on our boss not being here. The situation also doesn’t help when no one is in charge. Can’t blame us for something that should have been taken care of before you left.

Anyways, Friday we had to borrow a golf cart from plant operations, because both of the ones we had were dead. Because of all this my co-worker ended up getting her. The guy at PO said that the golf cart he was giving us does go really fast, and we should be careful. Nope! My co-worker didn’t listen and ended up falling out of the golf cart and hurting herself. I found out today that she might have to have surgery. She’ll let us know in the future. I am just glad she is ok, and I hope my boss knows now to explain what to do other then just walking out the door without saying anything, or telling us she was even leaving. I didn’t even know she was leaving till the day of her vacation.

I am just glad that she is back for the time being, so I can say “well you weren’t here” kind of thing.

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