Late Way To Start The Day ♫

Today started off ok. Didn’t feel really well, and had to eat slow. Came to work about five minutes late, and someone was already waiting outside to get their package. My other two co-worker’s haven’t arrived yet. They were about 20 minutes late, and I was too tired to even care at that point. Then my co-worker texted me asking me to bring my charger. I told her that I was already at work, so I just said I get it during lunch after I go to Best Buy. I know the guy who works at print shop is frustrated, because he noticed me coming in late, and then one of my other co-workers coming in 5 minutes after me. The last one hasn’t even gotten here yet, and she’s suppose to be here at 8. It’s only 8:33 AM at the moment. Sigh…

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Serenity Reply ♫

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