Pranks And Devastation Tour ♫

Today is Thursday. That means only one more day till Friday. Then the weekend, and then back to work on Monday. Yeah, I am such a positive person! Tomorrow tickets for the A Day To Remember and Bring Me The Horizon tour go on sale tomorrow. This bothers me, because Ticketmaster doesn’t have the Orlando, FL showings up yet for pre-order. I wonder if I will have to go through the Hard Rock Cafe. I think I might have to, but the ADTR site will have a link for general admission tickets tomorrow. Doesn’t say if it’s EST, CST, MST, or PST, so I am hoping it’s midnight EST haha. That would mean I can buy my tickets at 6 AM that morning. That is if there’s an Orlando link available.

I know I am worrying a bit, but that means I probably can’t buy Warped Tour tickets this paycheck. Which sucks, because I’ve never been to Warped before; and it be great if I could go. At least I get the last show of the tour. I can’t really do Friday. Robbie either has that Friday or Monday off, so that’s good too. Anyways, Friday is almost here so yay!

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