Tours And Walking ♫

It’s been a month since I started exercising. I can’t notice any real physical changes, but if you feel the back of my legs you can feel the difference. I am just glad things are starting to go the way I’ve been planning it to. Too bad muscle weighs more then fat, so I can’t really tell if I lost any weight. Still going to keep at it! Last Sunday marked the 1 month anniversary of me starting this exercise regime. On Monday I started walking 6 miles instead of the usual 3. I can definitely feel the difference in that one. I know over time things will get better, and I am sure I will start seeing a physical difference. Darn myself for seeing me every day haha.

As for concerts. I convinced Robbie to go to Warped Tour in North Carolina this year! We’re going to see bands like Of Mice And Men and Falling In Reverse. I’ve never been to Warped Tour, so this will be an exciting event for me. After that then there’s the A Day To Remember w/ Bring Me The Horizon tour coming up in October. Going to the very last showing in Orlando on October 11th. Haha, why is it I am always getting the end or beginning of tour dates? First Tampa with LP and now Orlando with BMTH. Either way this is going to be fun!

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