Luck Can Lead To Thankfulness ♫

Normally I don’t talk about this stuff, but today I am going too. Yesterday I got a tweet from one of my idol’s named Austin Carlile. I was really happy! I don’t know why. After posting about him on my instagram and why he’s my inspiration was good enough for me. See, man crush Monday was yesterday, so I just wanted to talk about him. I don’t have crushes on my idols, but Monday gives me an excuse to really talk about how someone has influenced my life. Also, yes I realize I could do this every day but nah. I’ll just save it for Mondays. Thank you God for making me really happy yesterday with what all went on.

@austincarlile from of mice and men I chose today out of my list of idols. This man has been through so much dealing with heart issues and intensive bullying for just being who he is. I can relate to both (first minor and second one was major). Even through his past mistakes and struggles he's still himself today and does many anti-bullying campaigns. He tells others to be themselves and let no one push you around. As he says you want to play pokemon at school then do it. Don't let others push you down for who you are. We all will/have gotten through school. I just wish I could have told my younger self this that things will get better. Thanks austin! Yes I stole his photo from twitter haha. #mcm #idontdocrushes #omam #austincarlile

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Also if you click the Instagram link. It explains why he’s one of my idol’s. –

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