Blood Humiliation ♫

I never want to go through what I had to yesterday. I drank so much water that should of had my veins circulating, but that didn’t work. In fact I was stuck in the chair for about half hour till some blood was able to get drawn. They had my hands under a blow dryer, put a warm paper towel on my hand, and even tried me sticking under my shirt with it. They just wouldn’t cooperated. Worse part was they had no hot water in their sinks for me to even get my veins to become puffy. My left hand was red after all that nonsense. Eventually they were able to draw blood out of my left hand after the heat nearly burned it with red for a while. the blood came out of the top part of my wrist even though the needle was sticking half way through my hand. It didn’t hurt at all. Which was surprising, because I hate needles. Sure give me tattoos, but when it comes to blood work no thank you! Also, no they couldn’t get blood out of my arms either. Also, yes I am full of holes haha. They almost opted my to go to candler to get the blood out there, but lucky after I said a prayer to God for this final time to work it worked! I should have went to candler though, because at least they know what they are doing. Not saying the lady didn’t, but this is ridiculous that I can’t get blood out of me at all! I just can’t believe I had to lower my arm by my side, so they can get blood out. I just wanted to cry about 15 minutes into this, because I was frustrated and felt really miserable. I am just glad it’s over.


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Serenity Reply ♫

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