It’s Movie Time! So Shut Up! ♫

I went to see Godzilla this past Saturday, and I loved it! It was great as far as anything goes. The only problem is with the two groups of people I had to deal with. The one on my left and the one on my right. Let’s talk about the left first. Wouldn’t stay off his cellphone after I asked him nicely too. Three times in fact. Fourth time I went and got the manager to get him to turn it off. He turned it off. Now for the group on my right. Tablet user. Really made me mad too. He wasn’t a problem till half way through the movie where I had to tell him to be quiet, because he wouldn’t stop talking. He took the hint, and was quiet till the fight scenes at the end.

On that I HATE it when people get like this. It wasn’t as bad as the Linkin Park movie screening with the two idiots with their cellphones. YES, let’s ILLEGALLY record the movie, and the other one kept staring at his cellphone during the whole movie. From that day on I wouldn’t let anyone else like this ruin a perfectly good movie, and cause distractions. Seriously! Why you going to pay nearly $10 for a ticket just to stare at your phone throughout the thing? It’s rude and obnoxious. The movie theater doesn’t revolve around y’all, and I appreciate if some people have respect for those trying to watch the movie.

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