Pick Up Things Day ♫

Today is so stupid! My laptop has to be taken back to Best Buy, because the wi-fi connection signal won’t turn on. There’s a button to press, and I kept pressing it; but the signal that it’s suppose to show kept showing orange on the key, and not blue. I was like wth?! So I tried it this morning, and the same thing happen. This sucks, because the laptop is a touch screen and barely a month old. I hope Geek Squad can help me out here. So yeah, stupid it is.

Today is pick up things day, because I have to go to MovieStop, and pick up Frozen and I think American Hustle that came out today. I thought Frozen just hit theaters too, but I guess not. First, I am going to GameStop and pick up FFX / FFX-2 HD ps3 (Final Fantasy). It’s the last FF I really liked in the series, and I can’t wait to play it. This is going to be fun!

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