Thursday ♫

So, yesterday I was doing the  mail the way I always do it, then go out on my mail run, and then when I came back the  mail was redone my co-workers way. I got SO MAD at that! It wasn’t the fact she did it her way, it’s the fact she went behind my back without telling me and did it her way. I  told my boss, and she could tell I was steaming. I seriously HATE it when people do this! Just because you don’t like how I do it doesn’t make it wrong!

Anyways, enjoying AC4! Not sure if my redemption codes on the clothes I got are working, but I know the ship and the extra character is haha. Anyways, going to play more tonight and kill Iguanas and Jaguars for pelts, skins, and bones again I guess. I  don’t know! The crafting in the game reminds me of Runescape. Also, the way the game is layed out at the start menu makes me think I am touching a touch screen iphone.

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