#LinkinParksRAOKYear – #14, #15, & #16 ♫

14. Had to take Jennifer’s baby to the ER last night due to having a fever of 101 F. That was so much fun. Didn’t get out of the hospital till 11 PM. I was dead tired when I got home. Then the baby cried till 9 AM where I had to wake the mother up to take care of him. Apparently the dad was too lazy to do it. At least the babies fever is down, and the vaccinations was the one that caused the slight fever.

15. Before going back to Hinesville storage we went to comcast to drop off the cable modem that Jennifer had. I hated it, because the fact her husband didn’t close the account, so she had to. I really want to smack the dad or put my foot up his butt. Seriously sick of his laziness and leaving things in the bedroom where roaches can get to. His welcome is starting to wear out.

16. Went to walmart today to drop off prescriptions for her baby. This was the least hassle of the day, and we got them! Now he takes these meds as needed, so I am hoping things go well.

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