Kingdom Hearts ♫

Who has played this game? I restarted this game about a month ago, and I am just now getting around to playing it. I beat the game and got all the weapons like Ultima, save the king, and save the queen in 2003. That was a fun year for video games haha. I don’t remember much of the game, but I hated getting all 101 Datamations. The silly puppies scattered in chests that the game makes me want to find.I bought the strategy guide from Amazon, and I was still shocked that all the stickers were there in crisp condition haha. Greatest day ever when you can find a near-mint strategy guide. Oh well! I am excited for Kingdom Hearts three, and I can’t WAIT for it! How about you guys? Seen the trailer yet or watched it at E3?

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Serenity Reply ♫

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