Update ♫

Now, I usually don’t post on the weekend anymore, but since I am flat broke in points now I decided too haha…j/k. I enjoy posting for all of y’all, and it’s fun to make a blog! Anyways, I figure I give an update on my mom. Her condition still hasn’t improved any at all, and I am starting to have strange dreams about it haha. It’s like in my head I am screaming and shaking her to make her understand, but in the end I wake up and roll my eyes. Yeah, not the greatest of things to dream about. So instead, Robbie and I went out today to get delicious sandwiches. I had a honey ham sandwich with lettuce on honey wheat bread. It was delicious with some spring water. The water taste weird now that it’s no longer cold. The Atlanta Bread Co. sure has some interesting stuff.

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