TV Shows – Before School ♫

What did you watch before you went to school in the morning? When I was in middle school, about my 7th and 8th grade year, Garfield and Friends would come on at 6, and I would catch the last 15 minutes of it. I couldn’t be assed to get out of bed to watch the beginning haha. Then at 6:30 AM would be Pokemon, the original series. I would watch this nearly everyday before I go to my bus stop. Sometimes I would watch The Magic School Bus at 7, but that’s when the bus ran really late. This was from 97′ – 99′. Then we had to evacuate in 1999 due to Hurricane Floyd, which was a category 4 at the time, coming straight to Georgia. What a mess that was! All of Savannah was in a frenzy trying to get out of GA, and they closed the schools down the day of evacuation. Good job Georgia! When a hurricane is projected to come towards you, you don’t wait till the day of. Lucky for us it decided to shift and hit NC instead. Sorry people in NC. Anyways, my point is that’s when I discovered Dragonball Z in our hotel room. I never really became addictive to anime till then.

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