How I live Now ♫

So, yesterday I read the book How I live Now by Meg Rosoff, and I really enjoyed it! I know some people didn’t like it that much, so that really puts me in the minority. Once you get past the lack of quotations you really tune into the plot and about a childish brat named Daisy. Yeah, I didn’t like the main character at first, because she seemed to be disgusted by pretty much that wasn’t an adult. I don’t think I started to enjoy her character until later in the book when it was just her and Piper. I guess that’s what teenagers are for haha. Anyways, so the book takes place in England. I forgot where, but it’s on some farm with a baby goat, cats, and I think two dogs. Daisy lives with her cousins Edmond, Osbert (I can’ recall the spelling), Isaac, and Piper. Their aunt did live there, but she had to leave for Oslo for a while. Anyways so this war breaks out called The Occupation, and the kids have to learn to survive. There’s a lot of hardships including separation and trials. Basically they need to just do whatever to survive.

I don’t know if I would really classify this as a teens book though due to some graphic imagery in the story, but this is war; and war isn’t pretty. It is a must read though for a short story. The book won’t even take a couple of hours due to it being about 194 pages. The characters also have an interesting development, but I won’t get into detail of that. Just know they are weird in their own way which isn’t a bad thing. Anyways I did enjoy the book, and I do wish the author made it longer. The ending was good, and it pretty much turned out how I thought it would be in a sense.

If you like war, romance in creepy ways, action, and adventure then this book is for you! Check it out at a local library, and read it! Also, all in all I give the book about 8 out of 10. Oh, and I won’t be in book club today due to the fact I have to help my dad. Maybe next time!

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