TV Shows – Cartoon Network ♫

Who here watches this channel? I LOVED watching cartoons from 1999 – till sometime this present I guess. I really didn’t watch this channel as I was always outside, or watching something else. I remember Dragonball Z was my first show I watched on here, and then I just fell in love. I never really looked back after that haha. Now a days there are shows like Adventure Time are just not made for me. They are really made for the generation after me that will grow up with cartoons that I really am not fond of. I still like Adult Swim, and was really happy they brought back Toonami to it. It felt like my high school years have returned to me all over again. Although the first show I watched on Adult Swim was Cowboy Bebop, and at that time it was the only show I really watched. Where has the time gone? I miss Gundam Wing, Roning Warrior, Powerpuff Girls, Johnny Bravo, Teen Titans, Kids Next Door, Cow and Chicken, and so much more! Do y’all have a favorite Cartoon Network show? I also missed the old logo that was spelled out, and not just CN.

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