Ni No Kuni – Review ♫

I spent my Saturday afternoon finishing up NNK for the Playstation 3, and I must say this is one of the best games I’ve ever played personally. The game is super fun, full of adventures, tasks, familiars, and in all retrospect you think at times you’re playing one giant mini game. There are a ton of side quests that range from tasks, alchemy formulas, and even helping familiars out on a little island in the west part of the world to get a name change tag. I don’t think that was really worth doing, but it’s fun. The merit cards on the other hand are a must do. They help you evolve your skills in almost every possible ways. I never filled up the card, but that’s ok; because there’s only three spots left.

The pros of game is very awesome. You feel like you’re playing Final Fantasy that met Pokemon somewhere down the road and had a baby, which is this game. Even one of the main bosses I felt like I was playing Final Fantasy 10’s final boss, because of the way he looks along with his height. All in all the boss was fairly easy, and I was kind of disappointed it didn’t give me much of a challenge. Well I guess every game is something like this. Another thing are the graphics and story. I think both were great, and really really detailed. Just what every game wants in a game too! Good graphics along with a great plot! You even get to fly on a dragon at one point of the game, and keep on flying! The gameplay was great to, and no invert controls until the very last part of the game. That got annoying real quick, because you’re upside down haha. I guess that could explain a lot of things! Anyways I give this part 8 / 10.

The cons of the game were really annoying. I couldn’t jump over certain spots that weren’t even half a foot off the ground. I want to jump over curb, but it wouldn’t let me. I have to walk down, and climb the stairs to get to my destination. This happens A LOT throughout the game, and I really wish the game creators didn’t add something like this to the game. It makes things last longer then it should have, and yeah just a time waster. Other then that I think the bosses were too easy to beat. I didn’t think any of them provided a challenge till I got to the final boss. Then again I was in my 50s when I went to beat the final boss, and that could have been why I had such difficulties haha. Well, the YouTube videos I looked up people were in their 70s when they faced the final boss, and had no problems beating it. Lucky them! Other then that I have no problems with it.

The strategy guide was both helpful to me and a nuisance. There was a time I had to actually look online, because the guide was actually incorrect (Sasquish the book said but it was suppose to be a sasquash), and I wasted an hour trying to do what the book said. If you make a guide make sure to double check everything to make sure everything is accurate, and yes I know not everyone is perfect haha.

All in all I would give this game a 9 pokemillars our of 10. Fun game, enjoyable, and I would recommend it to anyone. If you don’t have a PS3 then go buy one just to play this game! It’s well worth it!

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