Death Note Fetishes ♫

Honestly, after watching Death Note in 2008 I really never found another Anime to watch. Sure there was Dragonball Z Kai, but I wanted to stab that thing to death. Last year I discovered Fullmetal Alchemist, and loved that! Today, I still can’t find anything else to watch that will interest me haha. Anyways, I love Death Note A LOT. I remember when it was still being aired in Japan before it came to the USA, and one episode a week would appear on a website called I think? I don’t remember it. Then the US version came out, and I was like meh I’ll stick with subtitles. I don’t think I’ve watched DN since 2009. Yeah, it’s really been that long. As you can tell L is my favorite, and Misa is my second favorite. Even though I like to stab her to at times haha. Anyways, Raito is ok, but not really my favorite, also known as Light for those English watchers. Uhhh…that’s it? I dunno what else to say.

You can see a giant L plushy toy eating cake with those big chibi anime eyes, yes I understand the paradox there. I also have some other stuff like Godzilla toys, Gundam assortment stickets, a bubblegum machine, Death Note L playmat for YGO! and stuff, Dead or Alive for XBOX 360 figurine that’s standing up…or leaning over…whatever, Fullmetal Alchemist pins and bookmark, Death Note necklaces, a Yoshi doll, some anime puzzle, Beast Wars toy, Cowboy Bebop pins, InuYasha pin, Final Fantasy 8 pin, .hack// wrist band, Doraemon Napkins, Gohan stamper, Kenshin doll, Misa Doll, Death Note sticker plate, and a Naruto patch.

Have a nice afternoon if you already haven’t!

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